Just witnessed insanity

Here’s how this plays out. I walk over to two guys in our league - we talk a lot of smack and trade some - and start talking up my Ito for D Cook trade and how lustrous my RB stable is.

About that time the Gurley owner starts talking to me about trading him. The other guy, the league leader and one position above me, is a massive GA bulldogs fan, so he gets in a massive tizzy. He thinks I’m about to have Gurley and Chubb.

So I offer up Barkley and the Bears D (I knew this guy valued the Bears D). League leader starts throwing in almost everything he has.

Trades Goff, Zeke, Evans and the Cleveland D basically for Gurley and 3 droppable players.

Now he also has Mahomes and Thielen but still, he gave up 4 quality pieces for Gurley. At one point I essentially back out and try to drive up the price so the leader yields the boat.

I can imagine an argument we’re Gurley wins that trade but I can’t imagine giving up so much of my quality depth for a player. Just me.

I essentially see this as Zeke + Evans for Gurley and yes, I think Gurley wins out if he has good WR depth.

He just got his league winning piece. Mahomes, Gurley and Thielen could combine with the absolute dregs of the NFL and have a chance. That’s the best player at each position (so far, but not out of the question for the whole year).

He will now have Thielen, Landry and Fuller for WR.

It’s crazy though. I have a guy in my league who hasn’t set his roster or made a waiver claim since week 2, but he has Mahomes, Gurley, Kelce so it doesn’t even matter. He just wins out every week.

Yeah you’re in good shape.

Wasn’t getting into a bidding war for Gurley when I have Barkley and Hunt.

Wow that is truly insanity, this is what I love about fantasy football, sadly my league barely trades and only about 8/16 of us ever talk trash. But I can not believe he gave up that much for Gurley, but at the same time it is also Gurley. Now with Mahomes and Thielen that is a crazy triple threat.

That’s definitely a fine set of RBs to cruise with. I don’t think you needed to get into a bidding war.