Justice Hill, Adrian Peterson or Ballage

Hey there, I’m in a .5 ppr league and have Ballage on my bench. I was not sure if I should cut him for Peterson or Justice Hill or if I should keep pat. Please let me know what you think. Thanks

I’m not overly familiar with what their Oline looks like especially after the Tunsil trade. It might be worth it to get out of that offense. Rosen wasn’t really wowing anyone, that team is gearing towards the future. Of the two I think I’d take Hill. Reports are pretty optimistic on him coming out of camp. With Ingram turning 30 this season I fully expect Hill to step into his own, and take over the starting back roll by seasons end. Even if he steps into a shared two role, that offense is going to run the ball… a lot. They are also going to need help on the receiving end as Hollywood Brown has missed all of training camp, Miles Boykin has looked good all camp and preseason, however Rookie WRs tend to struggle more than succeed, so that means Snead, Andrews, Hurst, and the RBs are going to be the receivers on this offense.

I grabbed Justice Hill. They didn’t draft him to collect dust. It will start out slow then he will eventually emerge as the starter. In PS he was making good defenders look silly. His vision, jump cuts, speed and deceptive power…Ingram has none of that going for him. If Hill has any great highlights in week one forget it. He will be getting most of the work from that point.

So would you recommend dropping ballage for hill then?


I would and I would stash Hill as I did.