Justice Hill or Second QB

My starting QB is Jared Goff. Had a rough first week on the road against a decent defense. Now I’m in the shoes of either A) dropping justice Hill to grab Philip Rivers or B) hold onto hill and wait for him to breakout halfway through the season.

I wish I had Rivers as a WW option!!! I think he’s gonna do amazing things this year. BUT…I don’t…BUT…I DO have Goff. And yeah, I know he pretty much sluffed this week…BUT…seems like this was a first week from hell for a lot of players. I’m sitting tight with Goff!!! He’s TOO good and has got too many HUGE WEAPONS to give up on him this early!! AGAIN…it’s early!!! Smarter to sit tight on PROBABLY’S for a couple of weeks, and focus more on the PROBABLY NOT’S!!!

OK…sorry…kinda got off on a tangent there. In answer to your post…I think if you have the chance to grab Rivers…A HUGE, RESOUNDING YES!!! (many may disagree with me…but…I think Rivers is a HUGE asset to any FFB roster this year!!!

QB’s are not worth having two of. If you wanna stream then stream, but having more than one on ur roster is a waste of bench spots. They’ll always be QB’s to stream is a 1 QB league.