Justice hill

Winston is my qb. Do i roll with him or drop him for Josh Allen or Stafford? Solid i drop justice hill instead?? He’s the 3rd rb

I’d drop Hill for Allen. I’ll leave others to debate Winston. My instinct is stick with Winston, but I’m not confident about it.

I’ve been burned too many times with Jameis… So maybe I’m biased, but I’d drop him like a turd.

I dropped Jameis. Time to let him go lol.

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Yeah I’m not trotting him out there, especially on a short week vs a division rival. Drop him for Allen

I mean what other options do you have at QB besides Allen?

I would drop Winston, Stafford was throwing a ton of balls on Sunday so he is not too bad of an option, like Allan too for the running upside, what’s on the waiver wire?

I like josh Allen’s matchup this week should be a good week against the giants

So drop winston for Allen? Out of this roster?

Drop Winston or justice hill, but I would rather drop quarterback for quarterback

You don’t think Winston will course correct?

Maybe he will get better but Carolina is tough and he may be there next week if he has another bad week