Justin Jackson droppable?

Is it ok to cut bait on JJ now that Melvin is coming back? I can pick up Tevin Coleman in his place…

I have. Unless Injury don’t see him being playable

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How are you with RBs this week? I personally would throw him in the flex spot. I feel he has a better game than Ekeler. He’s already averaging over 8 yards per carry, has had like 2 big TDS called back, and he will get a lot of work after they get up on Miami.

I’m ok… not great. My 2 starting RBs are Aaron Jones and Josh Jacobs.

I’ve got one league I’m playing JJ in FLEX and another I’ll drop tomorrow so by the time he clears waivers no one else can play him this week. He can be a good FLEX play if you’ve been bit by the injury bug…after this week cya

Yea I’m actually ok at flex… my starting lineup is:

RB: Aaron Jones, Josh Jacobs
WR: Michael Thomas, Tyler Lockett
Flex: Sammy Watkins

Bench: Justin Jackson, James White, Carlos Hyde, DJ Chark

idk if i’d sit anyone to put JJ in…