Justin Jackson or waiting for Conner

Standard league.

I’m afraid to go with Jackson and potentially miss out on Conner…

I got Chubb and Barkley in the lineup.

At the WR i got:


Also would you prefer Sutton or Edelman over Jackson/Conner as a flex play?

That is a tough one. I think it would definitely come down to Jackson or Conner for me. Conner hasn’t gotten any practice in this week, and coaches already talking about how me might not practice. So I would go Jackson. Trust your gut though. If you think there is a real chance that Conner might play I think Edelman is not that big of a drop off from Jackson.

I would go with Jackson, Conner most likely wont play this week. Jackson has the backfield to himself and a great matchup.

I think you should go with Jackson also.

I’ll probably roll the dice with Jackson and hope for the best…

Thanks guys and good luck in the playoff!

Conner has yet to practice, he is is seriously doubtful this week. I would just go with Jackson