Justin Jackson or _________?

With Melvin Gordon likely out tonight according to Adam Schefter who would you go with?

Justin Jackson (currently in for me), Jaylen Samuel (currently Flexed), Josh Adams, or Damien Williams?

If I move Jaylen Samuels I’d move either Curtis Samuel or or Damien Williams into my Flex.

I have James White too but I really want to avoid a Pats player considering they’re so volatile.

trying to decide if I should start him over David Johnson

keep it as is with Jackson (ONLY if Gordon is out) and Samuel in the flex (only if Conner is out). Adams with Foles in @ LA will be risky, as theyll likely be playing a lot of catchup and though he isnt a COMPLETE non factor in the passing game, it’s not his calling card. Williams could share time with Charkandrick and/or Darryl Williams, and C.Samuel is very boom/bust.

That was my thought with J. Adams too; he’ll be game scripted out.

I think Williams is at least a goal line back for the Chiefs so he feels like a safer/less-bad choice.

C.Samuel has been relatively steady in my 3 minutes of research over the past few games so I think he has about a 10 pt. floor at least.

Yeah, I didn’t want to highjack your thread. Idk man, I think you know what you got with David Johnson; Justin Jackson had one good appearance and one lame appearance. The match-up seems pretty good for both though.