Justin Jackson over?

Big playoff game this week. Do I take a chance starting Jackson over either Sony Michel or Mark Ingram? I already have Cook as my lead back so I’m looking at the RB2. PPR league and .2 PTs for carriers

I have the same situation, Jackson, Michel or Ingram. I’m leaning Jackson only if both Gordon and Ekeler are out, then Michel then Ingram.

Jackson should get a good amount of work in a game where plenty of points should be scored. Sony Michel has been getting consistent carries, if he scores or has a breakout run which is not unlikely he could produce but unpredictability of the patriots run game makes me lean toward Jackson. Last is Ingram, as he is getting a smaller amount of carries and feels more TD dependent.

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Its easy to make a case for any of these players, and easy to make a case against either of them too. I have Justin Jackson as well, and as of now it looks like I’ll have no choice but to start him. If it wasn’t for the matchup I’d be nervous. But if Gordon and Ekeler are both out, which is the case as of now, Jackson should get 25+ touches imo.

Sony Michel has been very good, much better than I anticipated. But, Gronk is back, Edelman is healthy, Josh Gordon is getting consistent work, James White is still there, and James Develin is stealing all his TD’s. Pitt is a tough matchup for running backs, and then when you factor in all those other points I’m not excited about Michel this week on the road against a tough run D.

Ingram is in a tough spot because the Saints have had a few bad quarters, and he’s not been as consistent as last season. Even Kamara hasn’t been his usual self the last few weeks, but the Saints are still the Saints, he could have 3td’s this week.

With all that said I think albinoh has it right. Jackson if Gordon/Ekeler don’t play, then Michel, then Ingram. Good luck this week!

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Thanks guys. All thoughts I’ve had as well. Seems like Jackson is going to be the starter. And with Michel getting more carries per game I suppose that will end up giving him the nod over Ingram for me.

I dunno I think Melvin will end up playing. This could be the number one seed on the line so they may have him playing half the snaps to help them win.

Yeah I saw this morning that he was a limited participant in practice yesterday last night…here is an interesting update though. Because I was first on ww pickups I was able to snag Damien Williams. If Ware sits I almost have to start him as well right?

What’s interesting to me is road teams are 2-12 this year on Thursday night. I don’t understand why the Charger’s would risk Melvin’s playoff health for a short week on the road. I just have a feeling they rest Melvin another week and let him get his legs the last 2 weeks of the season before the playoffs.

Depending on you RB depth if Ware sits you should play Damien Williams.

Have good depth but not totally trustworthy given the playoff situation. Have Cook, Michel, and Ingram on top of Gordon Jackson and now Williams

I would say if he is the lead back with that matchup it’s better then Michel or Ingram who both have fell off and have tougher matchups. If Gordon plays though I wouldn’t risk Jackson

Here’s a question I’ve been mulling - i have Gordon, Jackson, Ware with Damien Williams sitting on waivers. If Gordon and Ware are out i play Jackson or drop Ware and play Williams or if Gordon is in but limited and Ware is out do i drop Ware and play Williams over Gordon for fear that he will get hurt or pulled or is that far too big of a gamble?

Or If Gordon is out and Ware plays and is fine today in practice - do i play Ware over Jackson? I hope this makes sense but i have a lot of pieces to this KC vs LAC RB puzzle and want to nail the right one for the first PO matchup - any help would be great @cveltre15 @albinoh @jrfearr @Fecker @Pmanningthegoat @nfalcon1

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Oh and it’s a standard scoring league if that makes any difference.

Do you have 2 spots? Personally I think Gordon is going to be out. Ware I think was maintenance and hasn’t handled the workload that much so he’s feeling it a little. There’s risk with all of these players in my opinion. But I have Ware and Jackson. If Jackson is the bell cow and Gordon & Ekeler sit then I’m playing Jackson over Ware even if healthy. Because to me Ware is going to give up some touches to Williams either way. I don’t think Williams is valuable enough so for me the way I play Ware if he is active and if Gordon is active if not I play Jackson 10/10. I also would grab Gordon if I were you for next week in the event you make it. Don’t know how he is sitting on waivers

Oh no i think i mistyped - Gordon is on my team, my RB core is Gordon, Jackson, Mixon, Cook, Ware and Cohen. Williams is a FA right now. So i have Mixon and Cook in this week for the matchups and they should be solid RB2s with upside if they get in the endzone.

The final RB slot (i’ll put Cook or Mixon in the flex) is either Gordon, Jackson or Ware. I agree with your view though i don’t think Gordon plays and if he’s not and Ekeler is out Jackson is the must play. If Gordon is in and Ware is in you would play Ware over Gordon though? I don’t know if i have the bottle to do that!

I also have Cam and OBJ to deal with this week with Allen and Ertz rounding out my position players so i don’t want to bust one of the RBs midweek as my QB and second WR carry added risk as well. This is my dilemma right now - gotta love fantasy!

Gotya! Ok so the reason I like Jackson if he is the lone #1 is just that the matchup is great and he wouldn’t have anyone besides an undrafted rookie to compete with for touches. Even if Gordon plays I think it’s more so a decoy approach so they have to game plan differently and Jackson still see’s work but a bigger risk. Ware could get reinjured easily he’s dealing with multiple the shoulder and one wrong cut he tweaks that hammy again so that’s why I am reluctant to play him. KC at home probably ease up on him now that he’s their guy and Williams will get work just my opinion.

Gordon same thing. He could be fine but one wrong cut on the knee and he’s back to out. Chargers want the division but they are in the playoffs regardless I think it’s stupid to rush him back if he isn’t ready and lose him for the post season.

You’ll have much more clarity I think after today’s practice at least for Ware is my thought. If he practices fully and is off the injury report might have to roll with him until game time if and when they rule Melvin in or out. Nice thing it’s Thursday so not like having to miss guys and wait till a Monday that would be a nightmare scenario for all of us

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Thanks man, i’m in the same mind set good to talk it through though it’s a nightmare having too much choice as much as it is a blessing lol.

I agree though if Gordon is out it’s Jackson for matchup and sheer volume plus he’s matchup proof so can play all three downs. If Gordon is in and Ware is in and healthy lean Ware for risk avoidance.

As a fan i hope they do rest Gordon but you never know. Big day for the injury report!


I feel you there, too many options will make a tyrant out of us all! It’s nice earlier in the year but playoffs I like having my roster set it and forget it, unfortunately injuries don’t always allow that lol!

Good luck!


For sure! Thanks man and the same to you

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Great input guys. I’m going to play Gordon if his in, living on the philosophy that you start your stars, but know it may be risky. If his out Jackson is in for me. And if Ware is out then I’m going with Williams. But if Ware is in, then I will probably give the nod to Michel over Ingram. Although I know Ware May be limited is all


Interested in this as well, but I have Justin Jackson as well

I’m in a similar situation, interesting

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