Justin Jackson Updates (Do I keep him today?) Auction Decision

I have Justin Jackson on my roster and if I keep at a cost of $5 I would have to drop Devona Freeman who I have at $31. $100 Salary cap and I could redraft Freeman who may be more or less on that number. Must decide by Wednesday of this week.

well, im not keeping freeman for 30% of my salary. i dont know how confident i am in jackson if gordon misses, let alone if he doesnt. i think i would let both go, and let someone else risk their money for jackson. jackson is someone i think i would keep for 3%, but someone will probably pay up to 10%.

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Is it one keeper? Would like a bit more information about the situation. I agree with BusterD that Devonta shouldn’t cost anywhere near 30% of your cap.

I wouldn’t even consider Freeman at that cost. Jackson is a $1-3 player on that budget, too.

Here is a little more info: we keep 5 and no more in than 2 in any position. 12 Team PPR
1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 2 FLEX, 1K, 1DEF, 1K


Wentz $.50
C. Carson $6.00
Boyd $5.00
Golladay $5.00

25 year dynasty league and some huge charger fans so my tendency is to roll the dice. We draft saturday and I can cut jackson at the last second depending on any updates before draft.

that makes me want to drop jackson even more. almost like a universal rule, any home town players who have a lot of upside, he gonna go for some money. let them hamstring themselves and keep what you got, cause those 4 for their prices is pretty damn awesome.

Thanks, I am going to lock him up to till just before draft. If Gordon gets traded by Saturday I would keep him.