Justin Jackson value this week?

Does Justin Jackson from the chargers have rb3 with rb2 upside against the dolphins?
I. It’s the dolphins so I’m assuming the bolts will be up early.
2. Supposedly last week before Gordon comes back so do they try to get Jackson as much game time before that as possible.

I’m desperate at the rb2 so I’m wondering if he can come close cuz of the opponent and situation

If you’re really struggling for rb he’s not the worst gamble in my opinion. You’d expect if chargers get ahead early and it seems likely, he might get a larger opportunity. But it’s still a gamble.

I’m in this same boat. The guy has so much talent but he gets no run. I thought the split between him and Ekeler would be closer to 50/50. His usage without MGIII in the game is baffling.

So I get to decide between him and Thompson in a PPR this week. Thompson is obviously much safer but like you said, the Chargers should be going up big early and JJ gets showcased in the second half. Big risk, high upside. Depends on your opponent this week I suppose.