Justin Jefferson trade for the 1.03 2021 rookie draft

Here’s the deal. I have James Conner, Miles Sanders, Mostert, Wilson and Sony as my RB’s( i know garbage) But I have Michael Thomas, Justin Jefferson, DJ Chark, Chris Godwin, Courtland, Preston Williams, Brandin Cooks and The lazard KIng. This is PPR format. Also- I dont have a 1st pick.
So Jefferson for the 1.03 in hopes I can snag Etienne or Najee.

No sir, keep Jefferson. What’s the league starting format? And who are your qbs?

I have Dak, Tua, Daniel Jones, Big Ben, and picked up Luck. Also have Eason on Taxi

1 Qb
2 RB
2 WR
1 TE
2 Flex
Def Player

Jefferson is worth more than the 1.03. I wouldn’t do it.
I would sell Brandon Cooks and get some more depth at RB.


I second what everyone else said. Do not do this please

Does the owner of the 1.03 need WR? If you give him a good WR (not JJ), look at the people owning the top two picks. What do they need? If they are both likely to snag RB’s, your work will be in vain. Don’t give up JJ for that little. I wouldn’t even give up MT for the 1.03. Maybe offer Godwin and see how that goes, then negotiate from there. But be sure the top 2 guys aren’t after RB’s.

Do not sell Jefferson for that. You have a guy who proved he is an excellent wide receiver out of the gate so now you have him for the next 5 years at least. He is the cornerstone of your team at this point. Do not make the mistake of trading away proven talent for potential talent.

Has anyone seen the family guy episode where Peter wins the boat and trades it away for the mystery box? I feel like that is so relevant for dynasty off season trades where people are trying to get early first rounders. I mean lets be honest, that 1.03 could be anything, even a Justin Jefferson.

I agree with trying to offer Godwin for the 1.03. That is not enough for Jefferson.