K Allen/Ekeler for A.J. Green/D Henry

Trying to figure out if I want to deal Ekeler to the M Gordon owner. He also has Barkley.

I’m 4-0 primarily because of Ekeler. Thinking Henry would fill my no2 RB spot nicely.

Here’s my team:
QB: Goff/Brissett
RB Elliott, Ekeler, D Freeman, Jacobs, Pollard
WR: J Jones, K Allen, Fitzgerald, Sutton, Mclaurin
TE: Engram

Not sure if AJ Green would cover my WR2 spot. Allen has been awesome but I’m wondering if I should sell “high” and secure up that RB2 spot.

I’d move either Allen or Julio, depending on who you think would return more.

If this league is ppr, I’d also look for a better option than Derrick Henry.

.5 ppr. Good point. He doesn’t pass catch. Good call.