K. Allen or Ginn as WR3?

Gronk let me down so I am debating whether to take a risk with Ginn or play it somewhat safe with Allen (tough matchup with DEN though). Help would be appreciated!

PPR or Standard?

PPR league

That is a tough one. I would go Ginn just for the upside since KA has such a terrible matchup.

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I was leaning that way. Thanks!

I like Ginn there too.

Allen by a mile. Don’t overthink based on matchups. Start your studs in week 1, because we actually don’t know what the matchups are good/bad yet. The matchup LIKELY isn’t great, but let’s not pretend like Minn isn’t a really good defense, and Allen is WAY better than Ginn, and has put great DBs in a blender before. Hes going to get peppered with targets.