K. Allen or T. Hill ROS?

I need to trade one of em for an RB, just not sure which one… I like them both and they’re both WR1s… Allen is probably going to be more consistent but those boom games from Hill can win a week…

I guess the question would be which one can I get the best RB with? Any thoughts?


Hill because he’s on the hotter offense. You can get more for him and I’d trade him because all of the weapons. Chargers have Allen and Gordon who are their studs they force feed. What’s your roster?

You can probably get a top 10 RB for Hill by himself. I would try targeting Elliot, Barkley or maybe even CMAC +1

QB: Stafford
WR: Hill, Thomas, Allen, Watkins, Kirk
RB: Murray, Cook, Lewis, Hines, McGuire
TE: Kittle

it’s ok for a 14 team .5 pt ppr but I need an RB reeeeal bad

what about Hill for Mixon?

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I would also target nixon, can’t believe i forgot about him

You may also try your hand at Fournette. A bit risky, rostering both Fournette and Cook, but the Fournette owner may be fed-up enough to sell lower than they should.

Then again, Fournette should be back this week, so the buy-low window on Fournette may have already passed.

Alternatively (or additionally), if Lewis has a good game tonight, you might be able to package trade Watkins and Lewis for Ingram, after Ingram’s poor performance. Ingram is definitely a buy-low target, but I’d try to aim higher than Ingram if you intend to trade Hill or Allen.

I got a bite… possibly. LOL

trading Allen and Kittle for K. Johnson and Boyd + we’re swapping draft picks w/ an upgrade in my favor…

Boyd is juicy w/ Green missing some time

I’d take Hill over Allen ROS.

And you’d obv get a better RB trading away hill.

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