K Cole or Watkins

Flex K Cole or Watkins?

I have Mahomes so would be playing the stack with Sammy

I like Watkins over Kole this week. I think there will be more points in the KC-SF game.

Agreed on the points. TN is terrible vs. WR in fantasy so far this year but still a chance Mariota won’t play and LF looks to be back for Jags so that combo could lead to negative game script for the Jags passing a bunch.

Agree. I think Jax tries to slow the game down and grind it out on the ground.

FWIW - I started both this week (Baldwin owner). Looks like I should have picked one as my WR2 and Flexed Hyde instead of Watkins, but can’t do anything about that now. Just have to hope they ball out.

Yes 100% watkins the fact that you have Mahomes is just gravy!

So i don’t know if this is poor forum etiquette, so plese tell me if it is… but Anyone reading this I could use some help too…

In a 10 team 2 QB PPR Keeper league, I am playing the best team in the league this week and he has Mike evans I have Chris Godwin. I only have Luck and Keenum on my roster. I have been offered the following trade:

Receiving Fitzmagic/Carson (plus conditional 2019 6th round pick, if Fitzy gets benched for Winston)
Giving Devonta Freeman/Dante Pettis (plus conditional 16th in return)

I love the idea of having Fitz on Monday Night with Godwin and hedging my % opponent has Evans.


First of all, agree with everyone here - shoot your shot with watkins, let’s hope the looks continue.

I would not do that trade simply because freeman is actually worth a good amount in dynasty, the other two pieces are just meh at best, especially considering that penny will most likely overtake carson at some point soon.

Sidenote, stick to creating your own threads and don’t spam your questions on other people’s posts. Bump it up every now and then if you’re not getting answers.

Watch leonard fournette’s status. If he starts play watkins, if he’s out play Cole.

@louisgedoulis thanks for the insight and the advice on the etiquette. Just one thing you should know it is not dynasty we keep the player the next season as a draft pick in the round two spots higher from the previous season. In this case Freeman would be a second rounder next season.

Yeah I probably would still stick with freeman. Round 2 for next year doesn’t sound sexy, but if coleman leaves next year and Freeman’s health improves, he may finally be worth his price tag. Just a nice option to have in my opinion, would just play Luck instead. I can appreciate your sense of competitiveness though cause I can see you’ve been looking at this week 3 matchup from every angle. Stick with what you have.

@louisgedoulis its a 2qb league. So i have to start luck and keenum.