K. Drake for hogan and T.Coleman

K. Drake for hogan and Tevin Coleman? Full PPR

I like the Hogan side.

I currently have the Hogan side, do you think I’m giving to much away for Drake?

I think it’s close.

I think depending on the rest of your team, it might make sense to get Drake.

Hogan Side all day long. If Freeman misses a large amount of time, Coleman = Drake in my opinion. Hogan will do better moving forward.

I wouldnt do that trade. Still bust potential for drake and i firmly believe in Hogan this season even with Edelman coming back.

also on the hogan side!
coleman has value every week and with freeman dealing with his knee it gets bigger and bigger!

I don’t think Coleman is as talented as Drake, tbh. He’s a fine player, but Drake is special. I see Drake as a bigger, quicker version of Coleman with comparable burst and long speed.

If Coleman had the back field to himself for a significant amount of time, he might be a bit more valuable, but it would just be due to volume, and I also don’t expect Freeman to miss significant time.