K/DST in Dynasty?

I’m converting a redraft league to dynasty next year. I want to get rid of K/DST but some people want to keep them.

In my opinion, streaming K/DST takes away from the spirit of dynasty where the goal is to draft a team for the long haul and not constantly dropping/adding every week.

This is also my first dynasty league so I’ve got nothing to compare against.

Thoughts #Footclan?

I feel the same way as you. I would still put it up to a vote but try to lobby for no K/DST before the vote. It really stings when you have a much better dynasty team than your opponent but a middling defense or kicker goes for 25 to steal a win from you. I would also tell my league-mates that those positions are unpredictable year-to-year for the most part i.e. Vikings defense or a kicker in a funk. Good luck!

Trust me, I’ve tried the ‘defenses are unpredictable’ and the people who use K/DST as a crutch to prop up their bad teams always say ‘thats what makes it fun’ and ‘its part of the game’ I dont get it!

But thanks for the comment!

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here is (hopefully) some help to finally ban kickers (and DEF in Dynasty!)

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One of my Dynasty leagues we use IDP instead of Team DST’s. It’s unique and adds another layer to a Dynasty league. But if it’s your first Dynasty league, don’t do DST’s. Kickers are okay but not my preference. I suggest a Dynasty league with 1 QB, 2 RB, 3WR, 1 TE & 2 FLEX. No kickers or DST. 26 roster spots.

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