K. Hunt for Wentz?

My wife is in need of a QB to get her through the playoffs. She is 7-2 and no longer has a viable “if was even reliable” QB Winston. Possible options for QB are limited: Fitz, Bortles, Keenum, Brisset, or Cutler.

She will still have Kamara, Buck Allen, and Ajayi; and starting AB, Cooks, and either Hopkins/Fitz rest of season. (Std Scoring)

She just needs help figuring out where to go for QB help or just keep hunt and aim for +/- 13-18 points with streaming QBs each week.

Thanks in advance.

Yes, she should try to grab Wentz. I don’t think Hunt will be better than now.

No way I’d trade hunt for a QB. Could you get Wentz and another piece?

Hunt is going to ramp it up 2ns half. He’s the PRIMARY back and those other RBS are in a time share. Reid will feed his young buck and get back to basics. I’d recommend streaming keenum, bortles, brisset, cutler in that order. Keenum has the weapons and a balanced offense and bortles will be getting dede Westbrook back from injury who can quite possibly be a top 15 wr


You’d need to get another piece for Hunt. He’s been on a downslide lately but I still wouldn’t trade him for Wentz.

Man, I’d love one of the crystal ball some of you seem to have… Know where I can get one? ‘Hunt’s GOING to ramp it up’. Maybe. It’s equally as likely that the NFL has had half a season to figure out the stuff that the Chiefs were doing that was working and have found a way to largely neutralize it. It also equally likely that Reid continues to not feed his talented back. We’ve seen this movie before with both McCoy and Charles.

It’s entirely possible he returns to RB1 levels of production, but to suggest it’s anything approaching a certainty is ridiculous.

That said, I’d stream before I traded away a potential RB1 for any QB.


Keep Hunt I’d package Fitz and Allen (while he has value) go see what QB you can find

I know Wentz is killing it this year but Hunt is worth more than that. You can get more or equally as good a QB + another for Hunt. He’s had two bad games… He is the starting RB for a good offense and murdered it for the first half of the season. If you can’t find anyone to value him than that roll with streaming options, or if you really want a QB I’d personally go for a name brand player like Brady. He’ll do just as good as Wentz most likely and will hold his value no matter how bad he does the rest of the year.

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Or Sell high on Hopkins get a decen Wr back and good QB

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Yeah I missed the Hopkins part. Flex out Ajayi and trade off Hopkins and maybe Buck Allen for someone good

Tyrod has a great remaining schedule and could be a cheaper route.