K. Johnson for Riddick/Hurns

This is a full point PPR league. I’m trying to stash Johnson, but I keep getting hits on him. The best so far is Riddick and Hurns for Johnson. What’s everyone’s thoughts?? Here’s my team…

In a full ppr I’d say yes. Johnson might be stuck behind blount to start the season, and Riddick should get targets right away. And hurns could potentially be the #1 receiver in Dallas. Whatever that means to you. . .

You would also have to drop another player so you gotta weigh that into it too.

I want better lol If I do make a trade it’s for guys on my bench that can come in on bye weeks. I would be dropping R. Kelley for Riddick and adding Hurns for Johnson

Since you also have Royce Freeman I would take the trade. By the time Kerryon Johnson is the starter Royce Freeman should also be starting so you can win a couple more weeks in the beginning since your team has a young bench. You should easily win games after week 8 or so but the beginning might be tough getting theo riddick and playing him in your flex should get you a couple more points instead of Freeman since he will not be starting the season.

No way I’d take that trade