K Question - Lutz vs Succop

First off I hate kickers. But I know in leagues that make me have them, getting someone consistent is the key to victory. Succop is out there and has been solid as well. Should I just make the swap and hope i can get lutz back next week? The league i’m in definitely has guys who steal kickers off waivers so playing gets unconventional.

There is nothing more annoying than getting stuck with a bad or inconsistent kicker for a few weeks, especially if they cause you a loss…
I grabbed Bailey after his first start so dodged the zero and i’m looking at Succop as well. Biggest thing for me is that Succop has his bye week and i can leave him in and forget it, i nearly grabbed him last week and maybe should have, he also showed a much bigger leg than i thought outdoors as well. The Panthers move the ball but aren’t prolific like the Saints so should end up with more field goals over extra points. Outside of Tucker, i think Succop is potentially the second best clutch kicker in the league. The draw back is that getting a dome kicker on a good team is the jackpot but in your situation i would grab Succop and if you can get Lutz back good if not don’t worry too much.

I think i’ll hold Bailey but if Succop clears waivers i may grab him just to avoid any more bye week issues with kickers and get a solid one in my line up for ROS

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I would also add i wouldn’t burn a waiver priority or anything on a kicker pick up. I’m watching Greg the leg’s progress as well very carefully as he was dropped in my league as I’m sure he was in most and the Rams seem pretty sure he’s coming back. usually kickers with any kind of leg, foot or groin concern are hands off but if it was announced he was coming back i would role the dice with him and hope he’s fine as getting the Rams kicker can win you weeks as unfair as that is it’s the nature of the beast

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Oh no way would i waste the waiver spot to get succop. I get up at like 5:30 on waiver morning since i need to be on the road early to get to work before traffic is awful, so things like K i always get the first crack at. it’s just a giant wonder on should i drop lutz or not. Part of me wants to hold because once his bye is done that position is locked and loaded. But my backup WR’s are Cole and Enunwa. With IR spot I could get keke this week too with my waiver spot and then wait it out one week on who to drop once engram is back.

I mean if you think you can win your matchup without a kicker then i’d 100% do that and keep as many skill positions rostered as possible for sure. Aside from Tucker, Greg (when Healthy) they are the only kickers i would consider holding when on bye otherwise i always drop and the way the scoring has been this year for kickers there isn’t even much separation so it’s not as bad as last year. Offense’s are scoring more TD’s and for the most part moving the ball more so there are 13 kickers i think right now all within 10 points of each other and Tucker is on 54 ahead by 3 points in my league of Succop and Fairbairn both on 51 points and both unowned.

I think it’s easier to plug and play a kicker this year than last, barring the unpredictable crazy games from guys like Crosby.

What about Parky he’s just off bye and has been solid on a good offense and has a decent schedule - he’s on waivers in my league he would be interesting as well and maybe under the radar as post bye week players often are

Is Bunker available? Guy hasn’t missed this year that I’m aware of and is on a high volume offense. I stick him in there every week without a second thought.