Kalen Ballage Hype?

Are we buying into the trade rumors of Kenyan Drake? If so, how hard are you going after Ballage?

Even if the Drake rumors aren’t true, he has been the dominant back in the eyes of the dolphins this camp. Beyond just the regular noise, Ballage consistently runs with the ones and while he hasn’t had the greatest preseason games, the team believes that he can get he job done. I wouldn’t be shocked to see it be a 50-50 time share to start and then more so as time goes on.

Take in to account the trade rumors and Ballage seems to be coming off as the clear cut RB1 at this point.

If Drake isn’t starting in Miami, fade the dolphins back field. That team is awful and ballage does not possess the talent to overcome like Drake. He is a dumpster fire.

I think Ballage could have upside but I wouldn’t take him unless it’s a flier pick at the end of the draft. He’s a talented back but the team itself is so awful, they’ll limit his fantasy potential (think Gurley under Jeff Fischer).

Not saying Ballage is on Gurleys level but more so that the team is awful so I’m not optimistic about either Miami RB.

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Strongly disagree on “talented” back but we all have our opinions on that one. There’s def ballage truthers out there seems like you’re one. Just hard for me to see how anyone watching him on film can see talent.

He’s big, and he’s fast and consistently goes down on first contact. I’ve never seen someone so big and so fast go down so easily. Ranks dead last in tackles evaded/broken in the NFL. Similar story in college despite going against swiss cheese defenses in the pac 12. Also lacks any sense of vision to be able to process line movements and hit proper holes for extra yards. He runs where he is told and if a big hole is there, he gets yards. If nothing there, he falls down. He literally cannot create on his own at all.

Drake is talented and actually shows up on film. Not only is ballage not on Gurley’s level, honestly the 99 year old frank gore is a better running back than ballage right now. If you invest in ballage, his ceiling is basically McCoy from last year except McCoy offers more.

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