Kalen Ballage vs Nyheim Hines (PPR)

Which one of these 2 backs do you like more in the 2nd round of dynasty drafts?

Hines is a better pass catcher and appears to have a role on the team as early as week 1.

Ballage possesses 3 down ability, but might be buried on the depth chart for half the season.


i see the 2 as team dependent. they are both a bit of a lottery pick, as far as this years rookies go. as you said hines could have a roll as early as week 1, wher ballage could take over his backfield but may need time. so what do you have on your team? do you need production now, or later? thats how i have been picking between the 2.

The ballage hype train is way overblown. I don’t know why there’s all this hype about how he has “3-down ability”. He is big and he is fast. His 3 down back abilities stop there. He is nowhere near physical enough to be a 3 down back in the NFL for his size.

Also, I’m not so quick to write off Drake. The guy showed he can do the job.

In my eyes, both guys are just scat backs at best.

This may sound like a hot take to some, but I genuinely believe it. I’d put the chances of Ballage taking over that back field at approximately 0%. He may develop into a nice passing down back. Perhaps a short yardage option, but I’d you watch him, and there’s no way to put this nicely, he’s an awful runner. Truly, brutally bad.

I would not draft Ballage until Hines, his new teammate Wilkins, John Kelly, Mark Walton, Chase Edmonds, Jaylen Samuels, and Ito Smith (in no particular order other than the order I remembered then in) were off the board. Yes, really.

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Agree with DFWB above. The chances of Ballage taking over as a 3-down are about as good as Zeke not reaching 300 touches this season. It’s not going to happen. He has no vision, and couldn’t break a tackle if his life depended on it. And at 230lbs, runs softer than Darren Sproles.