Kamara 4th Round Keep+ Who to draft in Round 1

Starting Line up is QB, 2RB, 3WR, Flex(RB/WR/TE), TE, K, DEF
Keeping Kamara in the 4th and Ebron in the 8th, what should I focus for first, 2nd and third round?
If Thomas is available at the 7th overall spot, do I go Thomas for RB/WR Saints stack?
Targeting another WR in round 2 and hope for Freeman/Jacobs to fall in round 3.

the best thing to do in any draft for the first couple of rounds is draft best available, and be risk adverse. so i wouldnt go into it like oh, i HAVE to draft an RB in this round or a WR in that round. takes the stress out of drafting cause youre not sitting there hoping for someone to fall to you.

as for MT and Kamara stack, i have no issues with it. there are a few teams i just flat out do not care of i have 2 of their players. and with top end elite talent like kamara and MT who both dont bust a whole lot, im just not worried about that.

Thanks! Figured since I have top end RB, first pick I would go with an elite WR.
Top 6 picks would be
I like the WRS in this order

What about DJ?

Would love DJ there but he’s being kept:(