Kamara and Allen for bell CMC and jeffrey

So 8 man redraft 0.5 PPR the Kamara owner out of nowhere sent me this deal. I had enquired about Allen earlier last week.

Kamara Allen and a piece (see below)
For bell cmc and jeffrey

My team 1-3
Qb cousins rivers
Rb CMC bell kerryon Aaron jones Michel white and Freeman
Wr obj diggs Jeffrey and landry
Te gronk
Need 2 spaces for kicker and def (have the bears on bye)

His team: 3-1
Goff luck
Coleman Kamara Henry fournette ekeler
Allen juju Edelman woods hilton
Should I take the deal? If yes, who which peice should I try and add? His kicker/def? Woods/Edelman?

With Bell coming back in a few weeks I would be hesitant, but Kamara is a fantasy god right now. I dont know if Ingram coming back brings his porduction down a little. I think I would try to add Hilton to the deal. Great question