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Kamara and CJ for AJ Green


Second post in under 5 minutes but I was also offered a trade where I receive AJ Green and give up CJ Anderson and Kamara. I have kareem hunt and cj anderson as my rb 1 and 2. I also have smallwood and chris thompson on my bench. My WRs are michael thomas, Crabtree, and then a combination of Martavis Bryant/Tyrell Williams/John Brown. I’m worried this would leave me too thin at rb but the tradeoff could be worth it.


He wants to do it now. Should I do it???


Kamara will be in a committee. Saints always have. CJ in my mind is a RB 2. Not great. AJ is a clear WR1. So yes the value is there. I see your point about being thin on RB. I think Smallwood will be OK for you… maybe? RBs will show up in the waivers as they go down. I say go for it.


just accepted it. Can’t pass up on Aj Green.