Kamara and edelman for Michel and thielen

Hi all,

Have received a trade proposal for thielen and Michel where I get kamara and Edelman back

Rest of team is:
Rbs Gordon, a jones and r freeman
WRs: obj, Watkins, fitz, callaway and Gabriel

I am not sure what to think of this trade - what is your opinion?

It is half ppr with 3 WRs and 2 rbs starting - I will be 5-1 after this week

I think this is a fair deal. One thing with kamara is that his bye is done with so he’s in starting every week. Sony is getting goal line work. Thielen is unstoppable and Edelman is Brady’s go to guy. With that said, I think Edelman is < thielen ROS kamara is > michel ROS.

I agree with everything you write and see the upside of kamara having had his bye week.

I am just uncertain on how I view kamara with Ingram back and Edelman with all the weapons Brady has this season

Yeah i mean it’s tough. I honestly think i’d just hold tight.

@mortennormann I think there’s enough work for Kamara & Ingram and Kamara still puts up the best.
Edelman has Brady’s trust and has a high floor and the Pat’s are just getting going.