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Kamara and Kittle for Barkley?


I have Burton on my team as well, so I don’t need the extra TE. With Ingram back is this a good trade?


It’s a fine trade. Not sure why you would have to give up Kittle though. If anything, Barkley side should add something on their side. Or just a pure 1 to 1 at the worst.

Kamara > Barkley


I figured rest of season with Ingram that Barkley would be better.


kamara is still going to lead the backfield in snaps and carries and is on a much better offense. Giants aren’t going to be put up 30 points every week. In fact that was the first time they did that in like 30+ games.

Saquon will get more touches but Kamara will do way more with his. It’s a pretty even trade off.


Mike’s right. Even if you believe that Barkley is better ROS. As it stands, Kamara is the #1 RB, value him as such and don’t sell low after one game


I’m a Kamara owner as well and was thinking of offering Kamara for Barkley and Kupp. Does that seem like a fair offer?


Pretty close to fair.