Kamara and Shepard for Martin and Engram

What’re your thoughts? My current team is below and it’s a 10 team half-point PPR. I’m currently 4-4 sitting in 5th. He’ll also do Engram for Shepard straight up.

RB: Freeman, Hunt, Kamara, Anderson, Lewis
WR: M. Thomas, Hopkins, Diggs, Shepard, Amendola
TE: Henry (bye), Dickson (streamer)

I would say do it. It shouldn’t be too hard to lock up shepard, considering he is their only receiver now, and engram will be able to get some great looks. You also have at least 3 receivers to rotate.

Since it’s only half ppr, I might even take martin too. It’s probably going to be more of a wash, and both have similar strength schedules (easy), but I just sense martin coming on soon.

Good luck.

Yeah I’m kind of leaning that way too. It’s just hard to let go of Kamara; he’s a beast!