Kamara, Anderson for M. Thomas and Kareem hunt

Thoughts on this trade? I’d be giving up Kamara for hunt and gaining a 1WR, which I really need.

Thoughts on this? I could offer Crowder instead, or even Cooper.

I wouldn’t give up Kamara for nothing. He’s a constant boss. I do like a Thomas though. I don’t know your WR depth but Kamara would be scary to move. I’d keep him.

Yeah don’t trade kamara unless you get a huge win in the trade, he is a boss and deserves the trade capitol. You can always find WRs on waiver wire and or different trades throughout the season
It’s hard to find a kamara.

I like that offer, but it all comes down to what you think Hunt is going to do. If you think he is going to be close to what he did last year then you are getting two guys that went late first or early 2nd in most 12 team drafts. If you think he is going to bust or fall off then I would have some pause. If the other guy initiated this then he is probably having some doubts to offer what was probably the 1st and 2nd players in their draft.

Is this full point PPR?

Anderson? Im assuming CJ whom is hardly worth rostering right now. Id definitely take that trade if I was weak in any means at wr. It would be selling high on a player who will be one of the top consistently this year but so will MT and occasionally hunt

I was thinking Robby in my head.

yeah it’s definitely robby lol but hardly any better of an option anyways. I dropped robby in a league

If it’s CJ do that trade

This is half point, and I would be the one initiating the trade. This is my roster…


Amari Cooper, Robby Anderson, Brandon Marshall, Mike Williams, Jamison Crowder, John Brown, Kenny Golladay

Kamara, D. Freeman, Penny, Kerryon, Jalen Richard

So, only prospect WRs at this point. Freeman’s injury really hurts.

If you can get it I wouldn’t be upset about it… Thomas could help you out a lot. That team right now doesn’t look like something you could just manage through the wire playing WR match ups. If you can get a steady option like Thomas in there that might be enough to carry you through playing match ups with the other WR spot and your flex. Even if he counters up to Cooper I would still consider it.

Ya, I tend to agree. Debate offering it now, or hoping Kamara has another killer game and I can try to sell high after week two…

Try to sell him on it without cooper as much as you can since Kamara is the real deal

Wow, maybe try kamara and MArshall/golladay
Robbie may be better on your roster

Yeah I would try to sell now if you are offering Anderson first since he just scored a td and his usage looked suspect. Play up the positives.

Thing is I love Golladay for some reason, got a feeling. And Hawks fan, the coaches here love Marshall. If Dougie weren’t hurt doubt I’d have him…

Last thoughts on selling now vs waiting a week?

Just realized this would give him Kamara and Chris Thompson…which would make him a powerhouse even without Michael Thomas. Though his WR1 would be Tate, WR2 J. Landry.

Additional Thoughts on this? Certainly not a feel-good feeling trade, but the ballers did talk about that “Trade Feeling” last week :hot_face: