Kamara burned me

As well as a bunch of other folks as well

To be fair to Kamara, he did not perform/participate on the Saints as we expected this year - not just week 15. I am in your boat too where I put faith in him this past week too. Looking back, not sure that decision made sense with his production profile this year.

I attribute his lack of yards to injury. Does anyone have a better idea? I have not watched many NO games this year.

What’s more surprising is his TD regression.

2018 - 18 TDs (15 games)
2019 - 2 TDs (12 games)

Well I have him in a keeper league and my other option was Conner for my flex play. Figured kamara had the higher potential. Even with conner in, I’d have lost by 0.32 pts. Kamara was a bust.