Kamara, CMac or OBJ Keeper Question

I have a ppr 2 person keeper league. The keeper is slotted by draft position. CMac was drafted in the 1st rd, Kamara 10th and OBJ in 11th. Which 2 do I keep? I have 3 years of eligibility with CMAC and 2 left for both Kamara and OBJ. I’m leaning towards Kamara and OBJ because of draft position but hard to leave CMAC off my team. I draft 10th in a 12 team league.

I’d take CMC and Kamara. Still a chance OBJ could fall to you at 10 in the draft

Do you know your draft position yet?

Very easily Kamara and OBJ.

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I appreciate the advice.

If you mean that you could keep kamara in the 10th round and OBJ in the 11th, that’s hard not to do. Like @FantasyFootballDad said, if you’re drafting in the top 2 anyway, that makes it an even easier decision: Keep Kamara and OBJ, then draft CMAC.

But, if your draft slot is later than than those first few picks, could you keep CMAC & Kamara, then just draft OBJ with your 2nd round pick (or whatever other elite receiver likely falls to you there)?

Not even sure how this is even a discussion. Pretty sure the 1st dude misunderstood you. There’s zero % chance OBJ falls to the 10th round lol.

It’s Kamara and OBJ by a WIDE margin. I’d rather have Kamara + OBJ + whoever you get at 10th spot in 1st round over CMC + Kamara + whoever you’re drafting in the 11th round.

My initial thinking was to keep Kamara and OBJ slotted as my 10th and 11th rd keepers but I’m beginning to lean towards CMC in the 1st rd (pick 10) and Kamara 10th rd. Take whatever WR in the 2nd rd (pick 3).

In the league I’m in, 1 pt for every 10yds rec/rush. The top rb’s drop off after the top 5, where the wr’s drop off after the 10.

Thanks for everyone’s feedback. Good luck to you all in your drafts.

I absolutely love CMC, but it’s got to be Kamara and OBJ. Kamara and CMC are basically the same guy and you get one 9 rounds later. The comp would be CMC + Kamara + Brieda or Coutee vs Kamara + OBJ + Josh Jacobs/Montgomery/Cooper/Allen and those are just guys going in the 3rd round where your draft will basically start. Give me the Kamara + OBJ side of that comparison all day.

Kamara OBJ I got the same kinda issue keeping kamara for sure. I drop Amari and/or Ty hilton keep one or drop both? 3 keeper 10 team PPR would keep Watson at QB I am thinking yes any opinions much appreciated!

As much as I like Watson at QB in a 10 team league, I’d go w/ both Amari & TY. After Mahomes, Arod and Watson; still have quality qb’s that you could start week in/out, QB is deep imo.

This is not how I would go about comparing things. You’re getting OBJ in the 11TH ROUND. You’re getting a 2nd round / late first value in the 11th round. And with CMC you’re giving up a 1st round pick. If you really want to incorporate the WR you’re getting in the 2nd round, the proper comparison would be the following:

Option A: CMC + Kamara + Evans/Allen/JJSS (2nd round ADP) + Anthony Miller/Moncrief/Washington (11th round ADP)


Option B: MT/JJ/OBJ/Hill/Conner/Chubb (late 1st to early 2nd ADP) + Evans/Allen/JJSS/Cook/Mixon (2nd round ADP) + Kamara + OBJ

If you’re actually choosing Option A out of that comparison, you’re out of your mind.