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Kamara concussed?


My playoffs haven’t started yet, but watching that hit on Kamara and then having him out the rest of the half, well, I can hardly breathe. What’s the most likely scenario for Kamara? If he doesn’t return in this game does that mean he will automatically be on the concussion protocol?

I can see my season ending badly if Kamara isn’t in my lineup next week. :frowning:


He will most definitely be in the concussion protocol but the good news is he has 10 days to clear it before week 15. I would fully expect this to happen.


Its scary being a kamara owner but silver lining if you survive or have the bye this week there is plentt of time for him to heal up. I do expect him in next week.


ugh man… this sucks…

i guess it could be worse. If he clears with his long week he should be extra rested

Get well stud… get well


Oh Boy!!! Kamara is one of my star players. Prob one of the most that got me to the Play Offs and JUST BARELY AT THAT!!! WOW…and now…barely into the first quarter of the first game of the Play Offs…BAM!!! OH WELL…at least I made it TO the Play Offs after starting 0-3 and struggling to even stay in the top 7 of our 10 team league from then on.


Not feeling too horrible. As I mentioned…AT LEAST I MADE IT TO THE PLAY OFFS!!! WOOOOO-HOOOOO!!! :smiley:


I should feel lucky that this week is not playoffs for me and that I’ve locked up the #2 seed. But if Kamara isn’t cleared by next week it’s a serious blow and I’ll have to start the likes of Marshawn Lynch, DeMarco Murray or DeMaryius Thomas. Ugh!

Since I got Kamara on my team, I’ve gone 7-1 and had the high score in the league 4 times. It’s just impossible to replace a guy like that.