Kamara/Diontae vs Dalvin/Lockett

Hey Footclan,

12m Full PPR. For context my RBs are Kamara, Ingram, Akers and my WRs are Golladay, Chark, Diontae, boyd, Robby.

Would you give up Kamara/Diontae for Davlin and Lockett?

I’m trying to find a silver lining where that benefits you, but Diontae is a target monster right now and AK is probably the best healthy RB in football.

I’d personally hold tight on that trade.

I’d really be trying to package Chark/Ingram for an increase in your RB2

Oh trust me, I tried. No one in my league wants to touch ingram and chark. Im forced to hold and pray to the fantasy gods.

Just curious, What type of running back would you be targeting for that bundle? (chark/Ingram)

Might be able to get Mixon, Drake depending on how the managers were feeling at the time. Lowest value would be like a David Johnson which might be an upgrade still over Ingram but is riskier. I’d probably wait until Ingram has a huge game or Mixon has a down game again if you can and try to get him at a discount. Like Ingram and Robby instead of Ingram and Diontae for Mixon

What @scmyers11 is the range of RBs you’d be going after. I would have included Gordon and Robinson in this group, but Robinson just popped off haha

If I was trading Ingram right now I would probably be trying to package him with someone to get Drake. Juicy schedule coming up and right now his floor is still basically Ingram. If he goes off you might be able to flip him for a down week miles sanders or CEH depending on those managers. That would be my general move right now. Try to get leaguemates to chase points and turn a good week here or there into Ingram for a top 5 guy.