Kamara Dynast for Pieces

My dynasty team has fallen apart and have Kamara as a sell target.

Is Eli Mitchell, Sutton and a 2022 1st enough? My other offer is Dobbins and a 2022 1st.

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I do not think Eli / Sutton / 1st is bad. In fact it might be a pretty good offer. Assuming health, I really like Eli and the data around him. I’d not be opposed to that trade, but IMHO if you are truly in shambles this doesn’t fix your kit.

I don’t know your team / leagues / etc so I’ll put this out there as general statements. Tweak where necessary for your specific situation.

I’ve done rebuilds more than I’d like (blow it up / orphan takeover) and the one thing that always holds true in my experience is get your RBs absolutely last. They come in and out so fast that if you grab them early, by the time you are in a place to use them they likely aren’t the assets you originally obtained. WR / TE take some time to steep and mature. Get them and let them stew on your roster. RB is much more plug-and-play. Get those two slots sorted first and then move on RB.

Grab as many picks as you can and any young, cheap ascending WRs you see to build around. And flip every surprise you get for picks or a more stable piece. IE: you get lucky with C Patterson off the wire, you move him for something more sustainable.

It might not seem like much, but ask for a 3rd/4th in nearly every trade you offer. Or higher if possible. In draft season those picks can be moved when someone sees their diamond in the rough still sitting there. You want as many lottery tickets (picks / players) as you can get so you can cash them in on more known assets.

The toughest challenge IMHO is losing attachment to a player / asset. Everybody has a price and you need to figure out yours. Do not be opposed to moving something if you can see the angle behind it. No one else needs to be on board with your vision, but you need to stick with it for it to happen.

Or at least that is how I’d go it.

Back to your situation, I’d look for additional picks. Even later rounds. See if you can break Eli down into WR3 / pick or two. Also, 2023 is a great target class if you can swing it. I value those over 2022 unless you know it is a top 6 pick in 2022. 2022 should be good for depth pieces and 2023 should be more loaded with studs. At least in my assessment of the devy classes.

Unloading Kamara will leave me absolutely decimated at RB and rostering Eli, Chase Edmonds, Javonte Williams, Pollard and a bunch of dudes. I do have some strength at WR with Pittman, Jefferson, Diontae, Aiyuk, Corey Davis but this year has been brutal for me at QB in the superflex.

I should have 2 in the top 6 next year and 3 in top 12. I’ll see what I can do with flipping some backups to teams trying to win it all to get some more picks.