Kamara Dynasty Trade

Thinking of pulling the trigger on an offer:

I’d give up: Amari Cooper, Dion Lewis, 2020 1st, 2019 3rd

Receive: Kamara, Martavis Bryant

Thoughts? New to Dynasty, not sure how high to value young WRs with upside vs top ten RB


im not an amari cooper believer so keep that in mind for my answer. cause its yes, i do it 100%. i really like lewis and his spot, but would much rather have kamara. thats obvious. bryant… is hard to figure out. we have been waiting for him to emerge for 2 years now. is the team he does it with the raiders? i doubt it. but if he gets his 50 receptions he will be as viable as cooper is in my mind. if nelson isnt the main guy there like he very well could be, and bryant is… this could be a steal. and then you give up very little in the near future for this as well so i dont factor that in too much. so straight up

Kamara > Lewis
Cooper = Bryant

there will be plenty to disagree with me, so like i said keep that in mind. i know im much lower on cooper than most but i would take this pretty quick.

I do believe in Cooper but also need the help at RB. Don’t want to pass up Kamara for upside that may or may not come. Worst case is that Cooper ends up being like a deandre hopkins bounce back of last year

Disclaimer: I don’t currently play in dynasty leagues, but this seems like a lot to give up for Kamara.

Is it a requirement that you exchange positional players one for one? If not, I think that Bryant is a useless throw-in with this trade and would get him out of there. While I like his ability, he’s seldom able to stay on the field long enough to trust giving him a roster spot. He always has some off the field issue that gets him in trouble with the league or his team; leading to him being suspended or benched. I wouldn’t want him in this deal if it was my team. Preseason buzz regarding Bryant has mentioned he is struggling to pick up the playbook and Oakland is trying to simplify it for him. That doesn’t bode well for his ability to be anything more than a burner in the NFL. I also don’t think he’s destined to play a full career in the league based on his past issues, he has some growing up to do in that respect.

While I’m lower on Cooper, much like BusterD, I see value in him as a dynasty player. WRs traditionally last much longer in the NFL than RBs do, especially high level talents like Cooper. This all comes down to who you believe in more. Kamara looks to be a stud and should be a major piece for you for at least the next 5-6 years, assuming he continues his rookie season success, but how long after that? Cooper, while not having to big start to his career most expected, could still end up being a great WR that could constibute to your team for a much longer period of time.