Kamara Dynasty Value

I’m looking to rebuild my dynasty team and I really need depth. I love Kamara and don’t want to trade him but I onlu have him and Devonte Freeman. What should I be looking for in him.

I got an offer of Kamara and Hill for Thielen, Bell, Drake and a couple of 2020 picks but I feel it’s not enough. Thanks!

Kamara and Hill should fetch you a treasure chest. Expect to be over payed.

However, they are also young and could be corner stones of a team. Can you sell other pieces? Part of rebuilding is the struggle and acquiring high draft picks.

I have Landry and Baldwin but that is about it for decent players people would pay for imo.

If you have Kamara, Tyreek, Freeman, Landry and Baldwin… you should be fine. Just nail your 2019 picks, and you’ll be good to go

I wouldn’t sell the good pieces you have just because of one bad year!

1st year dynasty and sold my picks for Kamara and Hill … bad move on my part.