Kamara for 2 First?

Thoughts on this trade offer?
Kamara for T. Marshall, 2022 1st and 2023 1st.

I would be getting Kamara to pair with Henry and A. Jones. It is a start 2 RB, 3 Flex dynasty, PPR.

I am temped to say yes and hope I take a top 2 spot for 2 years where the first is watered down just a bit. I don’t see Kamara falling too far from the top of the RB list. I understands the QB change will make a difference, but he is a great athlete.

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What pick do you have with the 2022 1st?

I dont know, it is a 2022 pick. I hope to win the championship to make that a 1.12.

I’m guessing your team is pretty good, in which case I’d make that move. Rookie WR in a somewhat crowded room with a QB that could be good plus some lottery tickets in exchange for Kamara seems fair.

Not for nothing, but see if they’ll toss in a 2023 2nd. Tell them you’d like it a little better if you had something coming back. Make sure they know it won’t kill the deal, but you’d like it. Even offer your 2022 3rd if they want to make the pot sweeter. That 2023 2nd will (likely) offset the risk of moving Kamara because you’ll have another shot in a deep RB class (2023).

But I’d make sure they know it won’t kill the deal. Heck, even open with adding in your 2022 3rd and include their 2023 2nd. Just to see their thoughts.

Even if no other elements are added, I’d still make the deal.

Great Thoughts! Thanks.

@octoberland looks like I am going to add his 3rd rounders for the next 2 years.

I think I am going accept it.

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That’s great. It might not seem like much, but every extra piece gives you a small advantage. Those picks can be tossed in on other player trades, or even traded to help move up. If you are going into trade mode, look at 2023 1st/2nd in particular. Not sure if you can get them, but adding in should pay off down the road.

Final thought, if you could drop the two 3rds and take a single 2023 2nd that would be great. But either way I like the deal much better for you now.

Yea, the other team doesn’t want to give up a 2nd at this point, they are in serious rebuild mode and are looking to keep early picks.

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I get that. You can likely get 2nds from other squads. Congrats on the trade. I hope it takes your team over the top!

Take Kamara you will own the RB ranking.