Kamara for Ajayi and Ravens D? Help

Trade help in standard 12 team league.
I have Kamara and am trading for Ajayi and Ravens D.
I’m a lock for playoffs and looking ahead, the schedule for Ajayi and Ravens is stellar.

Am I crazy for this???

Yes you are kinda crazy to move Kamara. Kamara gets the terrible falcons run D twice in the playoffs. There are too many RBs in Philly to really get the value for Kamara From Ajayi, and there are plenty of D/St you can stream in they playoffs if you start pairing them up now.

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I agree. The Philly backfield is too much of an uncertainty in my opinion.

I think Ajayi will be great, but you can’t move Kamara for him. Kamara should garner a lower end RB 1 and a WR 2 for me. I have tried to get him many times in my league with no luck

This is really helpful thanks @Ghost228 and @tnat1031 and Fox!

What if I get Tate and Ajayi and Ravens for Kamara?

Unless you are seriously hurting for players at a specific postition I would not move Kamara. He WILL be an RB1 ROS

That’s pretty solid. Is this a re-draft league? If so I’d probably do it.

Yea you gotta hang onto your studs. Ajayi - eh? Tate - good sometimes? Ravens - it’s a defense, look at defenses every week and look at how great matchups turn into awful points. Chicago vs Brett Hundley got me 3 points last week.