Kamara for Amendola?

Got the opportunity to pick up Kamara for Amendola. I don’t need a WR as my depth is good having J Jones, A Brown, D Bryant, and D Baldwin.
It’s not a necessary trade though as my RBs are Zeke, Gurley, Martin, and Lynch. Just trying to keep my roster as strong as possible during bye weeks since I’ve already been lucky enough to make a string of good trades on buy lows lol.

you are strong on WRs and RBs as well. Kamara is an Exciting prospect and Amendola will not be starting for you considering the WRs you have. I think it will be good to trade and see how Kamara perform and you can start him as ZEKE decision is near and you need to monitor that situation as well

I like the trade. How many 'twas Karen in your league?