Kamara for Brady/Julio

I got offered Brady and Julio for kamara today, and while I’m pretty sure I’m going to decline it, I’d like to get a few different perspectives. My team is below (10 man .5 ppr)

Qb - Jackson, Brisset

Rbs - kamara, Cook, Ekeler, Singletary, Mattison

Wrs - Edelman, Woods, John Brown, McLaurin, Kirk, Stills.

Te - Ertz, Herndon

Obviously Julio is great and I think he’s throwing in Brady since its Jacksons bye week, but once Kamara and brees are both back Kamara should go back to putting up big numbers. I feel like I have some good receivers to work with too and I feel uncomfortable trading away kamara without getting another running back of some kind. I’m 6-1 right now as well.

If you trade you’ll have to pick up someone for week 12 byes. You won’t have RBs. I don’t like the trade for you. you have the top QB and a reliable backup.