Kamara For CMC straight up?

6 man full PPR. I think CMC’s value went down, so I’m trying to scoop him up from the owner who doesn’t have much at RB.

My team:
QBs: Herbert, Fields
RBs: Kamara, Aaron Jones, Ekeler, Gibson
WRs: Kupp, Ridley, Hill, DK, Robinson II, Lamb, Godwin

His team:
QBs: Mahomes, Rogers
RBs: CMC, Mike Davis, Singletary, Robinson
WRs: Jeudy, Landry, Diggs, Lockett, JuJu, Higgins, Devonta Smith, Edwards

I am a CMC owner. I would not do this deal.

@HonestThief The CMC manager that I’m in talks with liked a trade with far less than Kamara. I think I might be on to something when it comes to it, but I do agree with you. I’m a CMC owner in another league and I wouldn’t take the trade, but I’m trading to a guy that just looks at weekly scores and isn’t too fantasy football savvy (is it bad to do? I feel kinda guilty😂)