Kamara for DJ and Hines?

Help me out, should I trade DJ and Hines to get Kamara?

Im 2-3, 12 team 1/2 PPR, 1 flex, 2 rb 2 wr, 1 qb, dst
My roster
RB: DJ, Michel, Miller, Blue, Drake, Hines, and J, Charles
WR: Beckham, J. Brown, Watkins, Godwin, Fitzgerald
TE: Ertz
QB: Dalton
I stream qb and dst

He has also offerred Aaron Rodgers and Kamara for DJ and Michel, as much as I want to go for it, I feel like I’d be screwing myself at RB2.

DJ and Hines for Kamara is a good trade. Hines will not be a startable RB unless there’s a load of sustained injuries. And I’d rate Kamara over DJ easily.

I would not do the second trade you mention. You said it, your RB2 would be screwed. Plus Rodgers isn’t doing so hot.

Yes. You should be doing that. That’s robbery for Kamara. Take it and run before he changes his mind.

The michel one is worse. Stick to the first one. Not worth giving up an RB for QB at this time. Too many good QB streaming options.

only thing is I would likely take an L this week since kamara is on bye… should I try to push my luck and wait until saturday to approve the trade so I can keep DJ this week?

You can try. I would assume one of the reasons why you’re getting the offer though is cause Kamara is on bye. But without talking to other side, no way to know.

Do it now I don’t know what else to say but do it now