Kamara for DJ , kittle and Cupp

Kamara for DJ , kittle and Cupp

Full PPR

Depending on how each side is at RB/WR and TE you could argue a case for the Kamara side. But in a vacuum i prefer the DJ, Kittle and Kupp side by a decent margin.

To give up those players for Kamara i would want at least another top 12-15 RB, a strong set of 3-4 every week WR1s/2s and a top TE of either Kelce, Ertz, OJ, Engram or maybe Ebron… but short of that type of roster strength its too much to get Kamara IMO. So unless stacked with players the side getting DJ/Kittle/Kupp wins for me here.

The DJ, Kittle Kupp side wins by A LOT!

I dont even know how much better than DJ Kamara actually is. Probably some amount, but not a huge amount. Meanwhile Kittle is top 3 TE and i think Kupp is a fringe WR1, if not in the top 15 WR.


I would definitely take the DJ/Kittle/Cupp side on this.

If you are selling Karama what are you waiting for??? this is unfairly good return for Kamara.
take it and run man

The only thing I would worry about is whether Mr. Kupp makes a great recovery from his injury. Hint: he’s young and will be juuuust fine

DJ is a mutant and Kittle is going to threaten for TE1 this year.

Do the trade man you get 3 great players for one awesome one!

I got offered Obj 1.03, 1.04 for kamara and Brown.

Should i trade away kamara and brown?

If you have two other serviceable RB’s, I’d take just Kittle and Kupp. DJ sweetens the pot a bit.