Kamara for Evans PPR League

Hey I was proposed a trade in a full PPR league, Kamara for Mike Evans? I would say it’s a good deal to take but Im worried about evans qb situation. thoughts? my lineup is below:

rb’s- fournette, mccoy, murray, kamara
wr’s- aj green, juju, corey davis, demaryius

I’d take that
Edit. Depending on Fournette playing or not. He missed practice today

I have Kamara and Im playing against Mike Evans this week. I traded Jordan Howard away because im so confident in Kamara. Evans might not have the best QB right now, but Fitz is healthy and has performed in the recent past. Jameis wasnt amazing last season either and still made Mike Evans a top WR anyway.

I have a mancrush on Kamara, that being said, you could afford to lose a running back and you need a receiver. McCoy is going to be the focal point of Buffalo’s offense and has a great schedule after this week. DeMarco is up and down but can blow up any week(had his best week last week and helped me to a loss).

Trading Kamara is a risk but you could benefit by having AJ Green and Mike Evans together. I also have Corey Davis and I think he will break out at somepoint. Kamara does have an amazing playoff schedule, Evans has a more difficult one, tough call. I would lean towards accepting if you need to win to make it to the playoffs. If you are already looking good I would keep Kamara. Lots to think about, wait for more opinions too. Good luck.

I assume you have DeMarco Murray, not Latavius Murray. As a Murray owner I’m very worried and think the scales may tip in favor of Henry in a week or two as far as carries. He does have good matchups, but don’t know how much work he’ll get. McCoy has a change at QB and I don’t know what that means for him yet and that could downgrade him just a bit. Fournette isn’t practicing fully and I think he’s slightly off his game. All that to say I think you might be downgrading yourself too much at RB for an upgrade at WR that is only marginal. Evans is not a top 10 WR based on points per game (that’s in half PPR). Kamara is top 5 easily since he started getting a lot of work in week 3 or 4.

I have Evans and have been underwhelmed… I would want Kamara, he’s tried and true thus far…