Kamara for Henry/Moore?

I have Kamara, full PPR. Would you trade Kamara and either D Smith/C Davis for Henry and DJ Moore?

RBs - Kamara, Clyde, Murray, Patterson
Wrs - Lockett, Diontae, DeVonta, Corey Davis, Mike Thomas

As quickly as possible, yes.

Agreed 100%

Just afraid I’m bailing too quickly. After all Kamara was the top dog last year and the team isn’t very different. Don’t want to over react

I’d agree on not tilting, but that’s not what I think you’re doing here.

In a vacuum, I’d probably slightly prefer Kamara to Henry in a PPR, but not by nearly as much as I prefer DJ Moore to either of those receiving options.

If you can still trot out a top-4 RB while upgrading from Smith to DJ, I’d do that in a heartbeat.

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