Kamara for Hunt and Mixon?

Standard 10 team
I send kamara
Hunt and Mixon

I wouldn’t. I have hunt, I don’t have a huge amount of confidence in him moving forward. Mixon has been so-so-so frustrating with not living up to his potential.

That’s true but I feel like kamara can’t keep this up, and hunt and Mixon are guaranteed double digit touches. And hunts fantasy playoff schedule is super nice👌🏻

I have Hunt and Kamara. There aren’t many offers I would take for either at this point. However, Hunt and Mixon have the backfields to themselves which is a plus. Mixon has a rough schedule coming up whereas Kamara has a nice slate to end the season for his playing style.

If you are weak at your flex spot or RB2 it is worth thinking about, but Kamara is still Kamara. He is getting a minimum of 15 touches a week on the best offense in football, the best running offense for a couple years now basically, no matter who the back is. I wouldn’t.

Yeah, I still wouldn’t. Kamara is obviously better for PPR and possibly he doesn’t keep it up, but we shall see after this week. I have Mixon and even with touches, he’s a disappointment with his bad offensive line they just can’t make holes for him. The only thing with Hunt is I believe he will start producing more numbers like Melvin Gordon and less like Leveon Bell.

Are you guys kidding me? You think Kamara has more upside than Hunt? Hunt is extremely talented, has had a rough stretch, but it’s not his fault, Andy hasn’t been giving him the ball, and guess what? THEY’VE BEEN LOSING! Realistically the only thing affecting Hunt is his inability to get a TD, even with limited touches he’s been reliable. I’d do this trade with no hesitation. The Chief’s need W’s, Hunt gets W’s, and its a weak schedule.