Kamara for James White and Cooper Kupp

I was offered James White and Cooper Kupp for Alvin Kamara in my 12 team Half Point PPR. I thought no way at first but as a 2-3 team i need wins soon. Rest of Team…

QB: Stafford, Rivers
RB: Kamara, Michel, Powell, Dion Lewis
WR: Allen, Hilton, Tate, C. Davis, Enunwa, R. Anderson
TE: Burton

If you think Kupp will keep it up (he might, he is the RZ guy for the Rams) then I think that’s not a bad trade. But I still think Kamara will be top 5 rest of season, they were just resting him this week.

Its a close one but I prefer to have a top 3 back.

Correct. Kamara needed rest. Coach Payton stated that was the gameplan. He will be steady again after the break. That’s not a bad offer though but I don’t see any big improvement other than this week with this swap. ROS I’d stay with Kamara and work that waiver wire. There are great deals this year out there as to opposed to a couple of years ago. If the waiver wire was dry right now I would say do the trade.