Kamara for kupp and JT?

Full PPR

I would acquire Kamara and a 3rd rounder and trade away Kupp Taylor and a 16th rounder.


Depends on your team construction. Kamara is a nice piece but can you afford the hit at WR?

I have jamar chase, devonta smith, evans, golladay Kirk, and fuller

Pretty thin. 12-team? Who are the other RBs?

Gibson, sermon, javonte, gordon, and carter

8 team league

Where did all your picks go? I am in an 8-team (RB: Zeke, Najee, Ekeler; WR: K. Allen, Cee Dee, Thielen, DJ Moore, AB). Did you go QB and TE early? I think you have to stay put, too much unknown about NO right now. Besides, Kupp and Stafford eat breakfast together.

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It’s a 2 qb league. I have mahommes and Rodgers. Drafted kittle early as well

I would not. Kupp is comfortably your WR1 and the upgrade from Taylor to Kamara isn’t enough to outweigh the damage you’d do to yourself at receiver.

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