Kamara for Mahomes?

This is a dynasty league:

I have L. Fournette, M. Mack, M. Breida, D. Montgomery, M. Sanders and K. Hunt.

I have Josh Allen at QB.

I just feel Kamara without Brees will hurt him for the next 6-8 weeks. Plus Brees is 40 if Kamara takes this much of a drop by losing Brees what happens when he retires very soon?

I would do it if you can get a little more for Kamara. Maybe a middle RB2 also. Usually, people give additional value to a RB and Kamara is deserving of more.

Someone in my league and he plays in high stakes leagues, says he thinks Mahomes for Kamara is a lopsided trade for me. Like the Mahomes owner would be dumb to do it.

If that was the case why is Mahomes a 3rd rounder and Kamara is top 3 overall?

Bump for help

With the youth/depth you have at RB, I would probably do this.
Like @hpodlin said, try to get a little more if you can.