Kamara for Watson and A Jones?

Trade away Kamara and get Aaron Jones and Watson

Current QB is Goff

Yes or no

Depends on whats available on waivers rn!
If there are better streaming options in your league i wouldnt! But i also wouldnt keep rolling with goff tbh

Cousins, Minshew, dalton… so no one. Best case is Darnold in two weeks.

I feel like Watson and jones isn’t a bad option. Especially since Kamara might be out weeks.

I’d sit for now. Kamara still has top 5 upside when healthy. Aaron Jones is technically the best Rb on the team but Williams will steal half the touches. Then Watson is an upgrade but Goff has Atlanta this week which is a must start then you could get Darnold if you wanna move on.

Minshew also is a great play for this week but I’d still keep Goff

I appreciate the input :+1:

Hang tight and keep Kamara. He’ll be a stud again when Brees gets back. Play Goff this week and look to pick up Darnold for his nice upcoming schedule